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Insights on Today's E-Commerce

Business Strategy Apr 29, 2019

The Psychology of Live Sales: The Formula for Addictive Shopping Experiences

Every Thursday at 6pm c, Mindy Switzer Mass stands behind her smartphone to greet her loyal customers via Facebook Live. As the viewer ticker starts, you can watch it rise from one to hundreds in a matter of seconds. Comments start to pour in almost as quickly as the ticker numbers rise.  What...
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Technology, Sales, Live Sales Oct 21, 2021

How to Successfully Launch Your Retail Mobile App

Today’s shoppers live on their mobile devices, often conducting most of their buying on their pocket-size screens. Phones are powerful portals into an entire world full of the latest trends,...
Technology, Sales, Live Sales Jul 01, 2021

Live Sell like a Pro with Tips from Former TV Host Turned Business Coach, Stacey Stauffer

The Live Selling Glitch Automation Can’t Fix: The Jitters There’s no doubt that live selling can boost your business, but for some retailers, going live can be a massive leap that requires a boost of...

Cash and Carry at Market: Insider Tips for Successful Shopping and More Sales

Cash and Carry is a term thrown around so frequently in the apparel market world that you’ve probably heard it many times before. If not, the name pretty much tells all.  Cash and Carry is a simple...

5 Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement and Sales at Apparel Markets

Shopping for the latest trends at apparel markets is an essential part of every boutique’s business. While market exists for you to update your inventory, acquire new accounts, build relationships...

Buy Smart and Sell Fast with Aged Inventory Reporting

Move products and make the most of your inventory with Aged Inventory Reporting. This advanced reporting allows you to tune in to your stock and reduce the amount of time it sits on the shelves...
Business Strategy Feb 23, 2021

Tips and Tricks to Boost Engagement on Your Live Sale

With the ever-increasing amount of content online, it can be tough to stand out in the crowd, or in most cases, the newsfeed. Keeping potential customers excited and engaged is the key to have them...
Business Strategy Feb 15, 2021

Jaw-Dropping Stats to Prove the Importance of Video Selling

Video marketing has become the new standard for successful, savvy online retailers. Incorporating video, both live and pre-recorded, into marketing strategy has been shown to increase sales and...
Business Strategy Feb 10, 2021

How to Buy Inventory Without Leaving Home

With COVID-19 still greatly impacting the retail world, shops are learning how to adapt to the challenges that come with buying and maintaining inventory during a pandemic. Wholesale markets are...
Technology, Mobile App, Facebook Feb 01, 2021

How iOS 14 Updates to Privacy Rules Could Affect Your Business

Tech companies are responding to consumer's concerns over data privacy with increasingly strict requirements for tracking and advertising. One of the most recent changes has been to app tracking with...
Business Strategy Jan 18, 2021

Why Omnichannel Retail is a Must in 2021

You probably hear and use various marketing jargon (apparently, TOFU isn’t just a meat substitute), but let’s focus on one term in particular: omnichannel retailing. What is omnichannel retailing? ...

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