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3 Ways to Leverage Video Selling with Mobile Apps

Posted by Drew Melendy on Jun 19, 2020 5:03:40 PM
Drew Melendy

By 2021, 72% of all retail e-commerce will be generated through mobile commerce. Businesses must accommodate mobile shopping today if they intend to grow into the future. That’s why virtually every business, has a branded mobile app, or is at least making considerations to build one

However, many will struggle to gain downloads and long-term customer adoption of their mobile apps. For this reason, businesses should rethink their app strategy with a stronger focus on engaging their mobile shoppers. Video is the solution.

Why Make Mobile App Video a Priority?

As one of the most attention-grabbing forms of media, consumers spend an increasing amount of time using video for product education, entertainment, and as a tool for fan-connection with the brands they love. It’s a no-brainer to add video to your app’s content mix, especially if your end goal is to increase conversion rates.

Animoto found that a whopping 73% of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video that explains a product or service. When combined with mobile-first shopping experiences, videos become a powerhouse for online selling. 

Here are some ways businesses can incorporate video into their mobile app for a significant lift in user engagement, app usage, and app sales.

A product page featuring a styling video for a striped shirt.


1. Feature Product Demos with Short Videos

As a result of modern consumers’ fast-paced lifestyles, retailers must use any way they can to communicate the value potential of their products as quickly and conveniently as possible. Businesses with apps already have a leg up by offering some convenience to mobile shoppers. 

Even so, that doesn’t always result in sales. Even the most optimized product pages, engaging item descriptions, and polished product photos can get overlooked by passive “window shoppers” and discerning customers. 

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You can do a lot more to convince shoppers that they should make a purchase by including short demonstrative videos to sell products. Video demos can quickly and conveniently educate customers on a product’s key selling points, answer unspoken questions or concerns, and help create a vision of product ownership.

For example, many apparel retailers “fit videos” to overcome buyer hesitation caused by the inability to feel or see products in person. By demonstrating the fit of an item with a quick modeling session, customers can see what clothing looks like off the hanger and how it fits on a body.

However, all types of businesses can benefit from product demo videos. In general, online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers. Making them part of your mobile app just makes sense.


Mobile device showing a video with a curated outfit and multiple items to suggested items to shop from.

2. Use Video to Showcase Complimentary Product Selections 

Customers rely on recommendations to discover the right products for their needs, lifestyles, and interests. This presents a real opportunity for brands to influence buying habits by suggesting complementary products through video. 

Consumers typically respond well to handpicked selections because they are often looking for help with finalizing their purchasing decisions. Again, using the case of an apparel retailer, a video like this could encourage customers to “shop the look” by suggesting complementary products to complete an outfit.

Much like demo videos, these videos give customers a convenient way to see products’ key selling features. Still, it should also allow them an easy way to add view product details, scroll through images, and “tap to shop” without ever leaving the video. Straightforward features like these make shopping effortless for quick and easy up-sells.

Mobile device displaying a livestream sale and CommentSold's

3. Harness the Power of Live Video within Your App

Livestreaming is an essential marketing strategy for any business today, but none benefit more than retailers. Already you can see the impact of live video selling whenever you come across a Facebook Live sale. Consumers love the interactive experience of shopping live sales while they engage with their favorite brands and fellow shoppers in real-time. 

That being said, your app must have similar functionality to Facebook Live if you want the same effect. Customers need commenting abilities and a way to see other users’ comments without it getting in the way of watching your in-app broadcast.

Other interactive features, such as “react” emojis, can add to it. With a tap of a button, users can signal their excitement by sending emojis flying across the screen, which provides social proof and builds hype with other shoppers.

While simple interaction is important, frictionless shopping is even more crucial. Users need the ability to switch between commenting and shopping without interrupting their viewing experience. Items photos and details featured at the bottom of videos can provide unobstructed views, while “tap to shop” features give them a simple way to shop without leaving the video.

“Live in the app” video sales are different from live sales typically found on Facebook today. They still provide the same entertaining and exciting elements of social selling, but it offers a much smoother shopping experience. Your brand won’t have to compete for your customer’s attention in a noisy newsfeed, nor will you be at the mercy of Facebook’s algorithm or rules.

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Don’t let this stop you from using Facebook Live videos as part of your business strategy, however. Facebook Live allows you to reach a much larger audience where you can get discovered by new customers. For this reason, you may want to consider building an app that can multi-stream your app’s live broadcast to your Facebook page and groups as well. (CommentSold can help with this!)

The Takeaway

Mobile apps are only as effective as their ability to engage their users and provide frictionless shopping. Videos present unique opportunities to do both. Use videos to influence and educate with product demos, curated collections, and live sales.

Looking to get a branded mobile app with built-in video functionality? CommentSold develops apps for businesses looking to leverage video and fuse their sales channels for the ultimate omnichannel experience. Let CommentSold build your brand a stunning mobile app that connects inventory, sales, and video between your website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

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