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5 Reasons Why Selling On Instagram Is Better With CommentSold

Posted by Drew Melendy on Nov 5, 2019 10:39:55 PM
Drew Melendy

Fact: 90% of users follow a business on Instagram. The social platform is no longer just about aesthetic pictures of sunsets, smoothies, and selfies. It’s now a bustling shopping channel for 500 million daily active Instagram users.

How can your brand tap into its massive user base? Well, Instagram’s built-in shopping features, Instagram Shopping and Instagram Checkout, claim to be the next big thing in social retail. However, there are some major downsides to these methods.

Fortunately, if you’re using CommentSold to sell products on Instagram, you can bypass these troubling issues. Here’s what to avoid and how CommentSold can help you.

Smiling woman reading comments on her Instagram post.

1. Automatically capture orders through comments.

With Instagram Shopping posts, shoppers tap images to view product tags that take them to a product page outside of the app. This means they will have to jump through hoops (and maybe get distracted on the way) to cart their items and complete checkout.

Instead of sending users to a website, CommentSold will automatically cart items for shoppers that comment “sold”. In addition, it auto-generates an invoice with these items and gives shoppers easy checkout options within.

Comment Selling 101: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?Retailers never have to hunt down comment claims (which might get lost in the noise), collecting contact and payment information, calculating and sending invoices. The work is automatically done for them.


Plus, CommentSold’s comment selling makes shopping smooth and lightning-quick. Because their orders are captured without asking the shopper to leave Instagram, it eliminates friction points in their buying experience, considerably decreasing the buyer’s journey.

Comment selling also gives retailers a boost in the Instagram feed. The uptick in comments shows Instagram that you have organic engagement, which gives your brand more chances to get discovered.

For customers, comment selling increases a sense of urgency in the buying process that lead to quick checkout. When customers see all the comment purchases, they know they have to compete to buy items before they’re sold out.

Shoppers get the satisfaction of “winning” their items without losing their place in the newsfeed, while you get the benefit of fast sales and diminished cart abandonment rates. It’s efficient and fun all rolled into one package!


2. Stay tax compliant without losing money

One of retailers’ biggest hurdles is to stay compliant with the ever-changing, not to mention confusing, tax laws.

Instagram Checkout does not have built-in tax tools, let alone, a way to charge sales tax. You’ll be losing money by having to pay for it all yourself.

With CommentSold, every account comes with a free Avalara account. Avalara is a software that automates real-time sales tax calculations directly from their powerful tax engine right to your shopping cart.

With this integration, you can charge your customer the correct sales tax right every time.


3. Never miss out on a sale with dynamic waitlists.

When items are sold out and you still have demand for them, you are at risk of missing out on sales! With Instagram’s Checkout and native shopping, you don’t have the tools to create waitlists for these items.

CommentSold automatically captures the queue of people waiting for an item with its waitlist feature. Once a customer tries to purchase a sold-out item, they’ll get an auto-response or email letting them know that they have been added to the waitlist. Once restocked, shoppers on the waitlist are notified that their item is available and carted so they can check out right away.

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4. Bypass merchant approval and limitations of Instagram’s shopping features.

Retailers must meet strict qualifications for Instagram Shopping and have an outrageous following in order to be approved to use Instagram Checkout. Both also require you to have a website and go through a lengthy approval process.

You’re missing out on sales while you’re trying to build a following, obtaining a website, or waiting around to get approved.

CommentSold is fast and easy to set up. All it requires is an Instagram business profile. It doesn’t require you to have a huge following or a website. Should you decide you want one, you can use the free CommentSold Webstore that comes with every account.


5. Send communication alerts with 24/7 auto-responses, sms texting, and emails.

Neither Instagram Checkout or Instagram’s native shopping allows you to send outside communications to your customers.

Without a way to send transactional information, send personalized emails, or notify customers of promotions or sales, how can retailers build relationships with their customers?

CommentSold has built-in tools to keep customer engagement up. CommentSold’s system sends 24/7 auto-replies to comment purchases that drive specific consumer behavior.

For example, auto-replies can encourage checkout after notifying a customer that items have been successfully carted. It will also alert them to their waitlist status, cart expiration reminders, and more.

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It will also send out automated, personalized email campaigns on your behalf. Once enabled, CommentSold’s automated email campaigns will deliver messages to recover carts, drive sales, and grow loyalty - all without you having pressing send.

Automated email campaigns are triggered by customers’ behaviors. These emails will welcome new customers, gift a first-time purchase discount, thank first-time purchasers, and win back inactive customers with coupons. These nurture loyalty, drive repeat purchases, and foster brand engagement on auto-pilot.

Beyond Instagram and email, it can send SMS text push communications about new arrivals, sales, and promotions directly to your customers’ phones.

The Takeaway

While Instagram’s shopping features may have some perks, neither has the power supercharge engagement and connection like CommentSold’s comment selling does.

With its frictionless and speedy checkout, engaging auto-replies, and peer-to-peer marketing capabilities, comment selling remains the quickest way to drive sales and build loyal repeat purchasers. With the resulting lift in engagement, retailers can also expect a boost in brand discovery.

All in all, CommentSold doesn’t just make it easier to sell on Instagram, it makes it easier for retailers to grow and expand their business beyond the social selling sphere.

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