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6 Key Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Ads

Posted by Drew Melendy on Aug 24, 2018 4:39:29 PM
Drew Melendy

1.47 billion people on average log onto Facebook on the daily. Needless to say, if you want to put your advertisements in front of a massive audience, Facebook is hard to beat. Facebook has many ways to help with advertising. However, the most efficient, low maintenance, cost effective advertisements are Facebook dynamic ads.

What are dynamic ads?

We’ve all clicked on a item we were interested in potentially buying and then been followed around by ads for it days after. The result of that ad haunting comes from dynamic ads. These are automated tailored advertisements that show the right products, at the right time, to the right people. These are shown to those who have expressed interest in your products or those similar by noting recent purchases, visiting items in a web store or clicking on advertisements. They are absolute marketing magic, because not only do they continuously tempt you but they’re nearly inescapable.

If you’re Andy Richter, your ads are tailor made foa toilet seat connoisseur.

Facebook launched a feature allowing you to do this on their platform with your own products. Facebook does the work of noting which items your prospective customer are or maybe interested in and serving them a personalized ad in their newsfeed. Here’s 6 reasons why Facebook dynamic ads are a major benefit to your marketing endeavors.



1. Dynamic ads target those that show or may have interest in your products

You no longer have to cast a wide net and hope you're advertising to the right people. Facebook has done most of the optimization for these. As mentioned before, these ads will be directed at people who actually care about your products or similar items. Why spend your advertising dollars on people who don’t care anything about what you have to offer? This is an easy way to get exposure for your business and gain new customers.


Dynamic ads reduce cart abandonment

2. Dynamic ads reduce cart abandonment

Let’s face facts. 1. The internet is chalk full of distractions. 2. Many customers are scouring the net to find the best deals for particular items so they’re shopping around looking at your competition. Dynamic ads serve a reminder that an item has been viewed or carted in the past. When clicking on the item’s ad, they are rerouted to its website or app where they can start or finish the checkout process. Rope those potential customers back in!


Dynamic ads bridge the gap between Facebook and your website or app

3. Dynamic ads bridge the gap between Facebook and your website or app

You can sell on exclusively through comment selling but we don’t recommend it. You should always diversify your selling channels so that if one ever fails, the others can help make up for or replace it. If comment selling doesn’t work well for you, you can always lean on other avenues such as your website or app. Think of Facebook dynamic ads as a bridge to these options.

New customers to your Facebook page may not be sure what comment selling is or how it works. Some will adjust, but others will leave because any confusion can become a deterrent in the buying process. When a prospect sees your products grace their screen through a dynamic ad, they can simply click it, and be taken directly checkout within your website or app.


Dynamic ads automatically sync with changes in product details

4. Dynamic ads automatically sync with changes in product details

There’s nothing worse than clicking on an a ad for a desired item only to find its out of stock or not on sale anymore. After initial set up, dynamic ads sync with your inventory so they keep up to date with item detail changes. Pictures, inventory status, price change and item details will always be displayed correctly on your advertisements.


Dynamic ads work within Instagram 

5. You can connect your Instagram account and start advertising there as well.

Yes, really! Adding a Facebook product catalog can seamlessly integrate with your Instagram. You have an even wider reach showing off your goods on a whole other platform. Shoppable posts will quickly show off relevant information about your products without even leaving Instagram, yet bring them to your website for checkout. Expanding your Facebook dynamic ad campaign to Instagram is a no-brainer. It’s hitting two birds with one stone.


Get a high return on investment by utilizing Facebook dynamic ads

6. Dynamic ads provide high return on investment

The cost will vary depending on the settings and audience chosen for your ad. However, Facebook dynamic ads commonly return more money than is spent in implementing them. Again, you are targeting hot lead prospects that are already interested in what you’ve got. It makes dynamic ads the most effective and efficient in both generating interest in your brand and capturing people as a customers.


The Takeaway

Implementing Facebook’s dynamic ads provide customers an easy look at what you have to offer to interested parties, drives website and app traffic, helps successfully convert cart deserters to customers, and offers a cheap and low maintenance way to increase reach and sales through its dynamic advertisements, maximizing return on investment. It makes perfect business sense. Why wouldn’t you use it?

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