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7 Types of High Performing Content For Social Sales

Posted by Drew Melendy on Aug 26, 2019 4:47:18 PM
Drew Melendy

Live Sales are the most well-known type of content known for selling on social media. However, it’s not the only way to get customers to shop through your social posts. In fact, the most successful social sellers do not solely rely on one type of content to bring in sales.

By introducing different types of content, you can give your customers more ways to shop with you. Here are 7 types of high performing you can incorporate to boost your social selling and cater to your different customers' preferences.

1. Single Item Posts

Pink Wall Boutique shows off a single item with this Facebook post.
Single item posts are perfect for showcasing a specific item! A single item post will feature a single, static image of the product you’re selling.  Add a catchy caption, purchasing instructions and you’re set to sell with your single item post!

2. Multi-item Collages

A multi-item collage can help you post multiple items on Facebook or Instagram

Want to sell an entire look? No problem! Multi-item collages are perfect for upselling items this way! Put items together to create an irresistible outfit and you can tempt shoppers to add a few extra items to their cart.

Just like single item posts, make sure your photos are alluring and that you have clear purchasing instructions.

3. Fit Videos

A fit video from Flaunt Boutique helps customers see the details of the shirt they're selling on social media

Fit videos are short and sweet videos that can give shoppers an idea of how items fit a human body without having to tune into an entire live sale.

These videos feature one or more models that show off fit and describes item details. Use a fit video to show off a new arrival or a VIP exclusive deal of the day!

4. Facebook Live Sales

A boutique using CommentSold's Overlay feature for their Live Sale

Live sales are, without a doubt, the most well-known form of social selling. Businesses that consistently sell on Facebook Live, typically see an increase in ROI, customer loyalty, and customer acquisition.

Shoppers love tuning into live sales performed by their favorite brand personalities. The live broadcast also introduces a two-way form of conversation with them, as well as the excitement of real-time sales! They won’t want to miss out on fast-selling items. Plus, with live broadcasts, who knows what will happen next. Flash sale? Maybe!

Learn the pyschology behind the addictive shopping qualities of Live Sales.
5. Shop the Replay

shopthereplay simplyobsessed

Once your live broadcast is done, the selling isn’t over! Sometimes customers can’t make it to your Live Sale on time to catch the fun of live interaction. However, they can still cart those coveted items after your broadcast is over.

Don't leave money on the table. After your live sale is done, be sure to edit the video description to remind customers to “shop the replay”.

6. Facebook Watch Parties


Facebook Watch Party is a feature for groups that allow admins to hold a live screening of pre-recorded videos that are publicly available on Facebook. You can host a watch party with a screening of your last live sale, or stitch together a playlist of recent fit videos.

The benefit of Watch Parties is that it drums up more engagement for when you “replay” your videos. Watch Parties will trigger notifications to group members when they begin. Your audience can still Like, Share and comment in real-time just like Facebook Live. Essentially, it creates more opportunities for engagement on older videos.

7. Facebook Premieres


Facebook Premieres are very similar to Watch Parties. The main difference is that Premieres allows you to host a pre-recorded video that is not already hosted on Facebook. With Premieres, you can film live sales on your time and schedule whenever you want.

Like Watch Parties, it has built-in features that help to boost your engagement. In particular, customers can choose to get a reminder of when your video goes “live”. Three minutes before a Premiere, they can join the broadcast lobby, where they can hang out, Comment, Like, and Share while a countdown timer ticks down.

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Final Thoughts

While you don’t have to incorporate them all, it certainly helps to have different types of shopping content to accommodate and entertain the preferences of each customer. We recommend a healthy mix of static photos and videos done on a very consistent basis.

Content variety will help you sell more, but consistency is a more vital part of social selling, as it will help your customers build anticipation of the posts to come. Use both and you have good recipe for brand loyalty and regular shoppers!

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