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7 Pro Tips For Conducting Live Sales On Facebook Backed By Real Data

Posted by Carolyn Williamson on Jul 9, 2018 9:57:27 AM

CommentSold’s customers have seen a phenomenal jump in audience engagement by using FB Live as a means to sell as well as connect with their fans. We recently asked them for their expert advice when conducting a live sale. Here’s what they had to say-

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The Bare Essentials to Survive Live Sales for Newbies

Posted by Carolyn Williamson on Jul 6, 2018 1:13:56 PM

Last month we reached out to our customers to get opinions on what it takes "go live" on Facebook, and to our surprise, we discovered only 50% of them are going live. This shocked us because we know there is a direct correlation with increased sales and our customers that are live selling!

Turns out, the businesses that aren't using live selling in their mix, just aren't sure where to begin. The truth is, it's best to just get started, but if you still need help getting everything ready - make sure you pull out this checklist of the bare essentials you'll need to sell live on any social media.

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3 Quick & Dirty Tips For Branding Your Mobile App

Posted by Carolyn Williamson on Jun 13, 2018 1:40:46 PM

From naming your brand identity to choosing your color guide, there’s a lot to consider when establishing your business online. And there’s even more to consider when publishing your first mobile app. Before you do, check out these 3 quick and dirty tips to keep your branding polished!

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