Release Notes Apr 19, 2019

Release Train 4/19/19

Portrait / Square Photos The photos in your account page Product List can now be toggled between square and portrait! To have this done simply contact support and ask them to toggle your photos to portrait. It takes a bit of time to setup and then you'll be good to go! Daily Earnings Added...
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Release Notes Mar 07, 2019

Release Train 3/7/19

See Which Team Member Processed A Return In an Order You can now see who returned an item in an order. It's displayed under the orders View Products eyeball. Previously returned items will only say...
Release Notes Feb 21, 2019

Release Train 2/21/2019

Adding & Editing Products Redesign Adding and editing products is now a lot cleaner and centralized! You can now edit your product's information, images, and inventory in one place. This menu is a...
Release Notes Feb 14, 2019

Release Train 2/14/2019

Fixed Duplicate products in ShipStation We've fixed a bug where duplicate products would appear on ShipStation. Fixed Issues With Removing Live Selections From Posts Removing live selections was...
Release Notes Feb 07, 2019

Release Train 2/7/2019

We have an exciting release train this week that includes highly requested fixes and features! Improved the Waitlist Tab In the past we had a single column called # of waitlists that displayed the...
Release Notes Jan 31, 2019

Release Train 1/31/19

CommentSold has super exciting news this week! We've got game changing live updates, shipping labels without orders, and more! Well, what are you waiting for?! Check it out! New Live Overlays ...
Release Notes Jan 24, 2019

Release Train 1/24/19

Accurate Tax Calculations and Reporting with Avalara We've been working on an integration with Avalara so you're 100% prepared to handle your taxes correctly based on this law in 2019. Avalara is now...
Release Notes Jan 10, 2019

Release Train 1/10/19

Another week, more helpful feedback. We took that feedback and got to work just for you all! Let's dive in! Click to View More Comments on the Dashboard While we work on a more long-term solution we...
Release Notes Jan 03, 2019

Release Train 1/3/19

  We're starting 2019 out right with bug fixes and progress on integrating Avalara into CommentSold so you can breathe easier this year. Let's get to it! Added Potential Revenue on the Facebook...
Release Notes Dec 27, 2018

Release Train 12/27/18

Everyone had an excellent Christmas at CommentSold and hopes you did too! We ate plenty of food, got a ton of rest, and energized to make your 2019 better than ever!With that said we still got plenty...
Release Notes Dec 20, 2018

Release Train 12/19/18

In this week's product update we've focused primarily on platform quality. This includes bug fixes and high impact features! Switch Orders Between Local Pickup and Shipping There are plenty of cases...


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