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Release Train 12/12/19

Posted by Ben East on Dec 12, 2019 11:22:44 AM
Ben East
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Here's the first Release Train in weeks! We froze the platform to ensure a smooth Black Friday -  we've had a lot of awesome changes launch recently, here they are!

Simplified Facebook Confirmation 🔥🔥

Remember all of the times you've had to tell customers to "comment register" so they could cart an item? They had to open messenger, click the link, and login just to cart. Starting today, we can bypass this and simply ask them to click "Get Started" once they're on the account page

⚠️ The "Get Started" button will only show if you have the same Facebook Page and Messenger page enabled within CommentSold!

How will this work for new shoppers?

  1. A shopper carts an item from Facebook
  2. They login to the account page
  3. They remember you said to click "Get Started"
  4. Once they click "Get Started" their items appear in their cart

Here's a sneak peek of what it looks like to shoppers:

🔴 Optional Live In The App

Previously, we made it so checking the Mobile box when going live would only control whether a notification went out on the app while still going live either way (oops). Now we’ve made it clearer exactly what the settings do. Checking “Live in the App” controls whether your live stream is live on your app. The checkbox below, “Send Mobile App Notifications” controls whether push notifications are sent to your mobile shoppers who have notifications enabled.

Send Auto-linked Posts to the App Without Notification

When Autolink to post and Post to App on Autolink are enabled but Send Notification on Autolink is disabled we will post auto-linked products to the app without notifying everyone. If Send Notification on Autolink is enabled we will notify app users in this case.

Average Time to Checkout Report

You can now see the average of how long it takes for your customers to checkout from the time the item enters their cart. 

Search Product Notes 

The Notes field is now searchable on the Products tab! 

Added More Countries to the New Account Page

When we switched to the new account page we lost a lot of countries in the shipping address list. We've added some of them back.

Made Your Shops Faster

We've optimized the internal workings of CommentSold so things continue to run smooth as your numbers grow ever higher!

Fixed: Strict Fulfillment Bug

There was an issue where if you were fulfilling a multi-order our system would let you proceed to the next order without completely fulfilling the current one. This was an issue because it allowed for human error in high volume fulfillment. This has been fixed.

Fixed More Duplicate Order Bugs

We've launched another change to prevent duplicate orders from clicking the checkout button rapidly.

Fixed the Overlay Getting Stuck on Mobile

There was a bug where the overlay would get stuck on first view when watching lives from within the app. This has been fixed.

Fixed: Videos Not Posting to The App

Videos will now appear on the app when you manually link a Facebook video post from CommentSold!

Fixed: Admin Comments Not Sending to All Platforms

We had an issue with admin comments not pushing to all platforms as expected after an update. This was fixed.

Fixed: Dynamic Selection Scanning on App Lives

There was an issue where when you scanned a second product, the first product would be set to the first product's identifier instead of incrementing. This has been fixed and each product increments as expected. This only occurred when going live to the app only.

Fixed: Sezzle & PayPal Breaking On Secondary Offers

There was an issue with these payment processors breaking on secondary offers intermittently. This has been fixed.

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