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Release Train 3/12/20

Posted by Ben East on Mar 12, 2020 5:00:00 PM
Ben East
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💎 Lock-In Loyalty with our new Loyalty Program!

Encourage shoppers to spend more and lock in loyalty by rewarding them with account credits they can use in future purchases. 

It’s easy! Enable the feature, and configure how much your shoppers can earn as a percentage. Your shoppers will receive an email with how much they’ve earned! When they return to your shop, they can redeem their loyalty discount. 

Our guide gives step-by-step instructions on how it works and how to start using this brand new feature today!

Want even more loyalty options? We do too, and more is coming!  We’ll be adding more functionality in the coming weeks as we collect more feedback. Stay tuned! 


⏹ Auto Expiring Products in A Collection

You can now expire the items that are added to collections. As an example, this allows you to automatically remove items from a “What’s New” collection. Simply set the number of days you want products to stay in a particular collection when editing! Once the time has passed the product will be removed from that collection. Setting this value to 0 will make the products not expire.


⏹ We Now Display When an Order was Printed

Once your shipping labels have been printed we'll display when the label was printed on the order. This can help you determine at what point the order is in during processing. Let’s say your customer service team is looking for an order that you know has already been printed. If you print in batches, this will help you more easily locate where that printed order is located.


⏹ Webstore and Mobile URLs Are Now Easily Available

Ever need to find your iOS app URL, Android app URL, or webstore URL real quick? All shops with a webstore or a mobile app enabled can now find these URLs on the setup page! To see the app URLs you will first need a CommentSold app - they will not show otherwise! The webstore URL will only show for shops with a webstore!


⏹ Your Webstore Can Now be Enabled / Disabled

As an addition to the new links above, you can now enable and disable your CommentSold webstore from the main Setup page!

enable disable webstore


⏹ Spacing Is Now Transferred to the Webstore Description

When you use the primary product description as the Online Store and App description we now transfer the spacing of the text, previously we did not. 


⏹ Set Max Waitlists Per Variant

Sometimes shoppers will waitlist a high quantity of the same variant.  When those items come back in stock, they will go into their cart, consuming your inventory and preventing other shoppers who would purchase the items from having them available. You can now set the max to something reasonable based on your shoppers on the Shopping Cart section on the main Setup page!

Once the shopper attempts to waitlist too many variants we’ll let them know that they’ve reached the max!

max waitlsit


⏹ A "Subtract Balance" Button is Now Available on the Customer Details Page

Did someone accidentally add too much account credit to a customer? You can now subtract a customer’s balance from their details page!


⏹ “Brand Style #” Now Saves When Shopify is Connected

When using the Shopify integration, we sync product details. Previously, the Brand Style # would be erased on CommentSold products during a Shopify sync. We’ve updated our system to not remove the Brand Style # from CommentSold products when syncing Shopify - meaning it will now save forever!



We believe in full, candid transparency and want to equip you with the facts so you can run your business smoothly. That’s why we have decided to add this special section to our Release Train. Let us know if this section is helpful!

Here are top known issues our team is actively working to resolve: 

  • Push notifications
  • Posting to FB
  • Autolinking from the FB page

We will announce in our CS VIP Facebook Group as these are resolved. 

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