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Setting up Shipping Info in CommentSold

Posted by Kimberly on Sep 19, 2018 3:46:28 PM

It's almost time to ship out some orders, but first we need to make sure we have all of your preferences are set up correctly! To do this, let's head over to your CommentSold Dashboard and click on Setup then shipping.



The first thing you will do is set up your shipping cost. This is what will be charged to your customers and will be applied to the whole order.


The default setting is $10. To change it, simply put in the cost you would like to charge and hit Update Shipping Cost.



The next option is to setup your Canada shipping cost. This is what will be charged to your Canadian customers and will be applied to the whole order. You will need to set this up only if you are shipping to Canada and charging a different amount for it. Otherwise, just skip to the next setting.


Setting up a variable shipping cost is the next section, and this is optional as well. Normally, the shipping cost is applied to the whole order; however, if you want to apply the shipping cost only to the first item in the order, then add a different cost for every extra item, you should use the variable shipping cost.


Example: For a $4 flat rate shipping cost, plus a $1 variable shipping cost for each additional item in that same order.

If the customer has 3 items in the order, it will be $4 (flat rate shipping cost)+ $1 (2nd item) + $1 (3rd item) = $6 for shipping.


Your next optional section is setting up your max shipping cost. This is the highest possible value for the shipping cost. Any value higher than this will be reverted to the set Max Shipping Cost.

So, if the max you ever wanted to charge for shipping was $15, regardless of how much it actually costs you to ship your package, you would enter "15" in that box! If you don't want to set a max shipping cost, just leave the zero there!


The next two settings both deal with free shipping.


If you set a free shipping maximum, this means that if a customer spends more than that number, they will get free shipping. The default setting is $75. If you put a zero in that space, there will be no free shipping, no matter how much your customer spends.

If you enable 24 hours of free shipping, this means that your customer will get free shipping if they have already ordered within the last 24 hours. This means that as long as your customer orders every 24 hours or less, he or she would get free shipping forever. We love this here at CommentSold because of the psychology behind not wanting to break the streak gets your customers addicted to shopping from you!!

If you decide to enable 24 hours of free shipping, just make sure to update the 24 hours free shipping description!



The next topics we will discuss are combining orders into the same shipment, combining local pickup orders, and custom shipping prices.


If you enable Combine orders into the same shipment, when mass buying labels, only a single label will be bought for orders with the same address. Similarly, if you have Combine Local Pickup Orders enabled, local pickup orders for the same customer will be grouped together.

If you enable Custom shipping price/product, you will be able to set a custom shipping price for each product when editing it.


Now, let's talk about Hour Free Shipping, Enable Shipping to U.S. and Canada, and Enable International Shipping.


If Hour Free Shipping is enabled, your customer will get free shipping if he/she pays within 1 hour after adding an item to his/her shopping cart. If Enable Shipping to U.S. and Canada is enabled, customers will be able to select the U.S. or Canada as their country. If disabled, they will only be able to select the U.S. for their shipping address. If Enable International Shipping is enabled, your customers will be able to select any country for their shipping address. It is important to note that this will only work if you also have Enable Shipping to U.S. and Canada enabled.

We are almost ready to start fulfilling orders, but we have one more setting we need to take care of first! Let's head over to the labels tab and get ourselves set up correctly!


If you are using a Dymo printer, you will want to click on the Enable Labels button and make sure your Labels Theme is Dymo. If you are using a regular printer, you can leave Labels disabled and use Side by side as your Labels Theme.

Okay! Now that you've got all of your basic settings in place, let's send out some packages!



Topics: Shipping & Fulfillment