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The Benefits of Social Selling for Wholesalers

Posted by Drew Melendy on Jun 4, 2020 9:35:04 AM
Drew Melendy

You’ve probably seen firsthand how powerful social commerce is for the retail industry. These days, it’s easy to stumble upon a Facebook Live sale or posts urging customers to comment “sold” to shop. 

Eager shoppers add items to their carts, carry on conversations with the retailers and fellow customers, and compete with others for the items before they stock out. It’s an innovative, fun, and thrilling way to sell to customers.

Could selling through Facebook ever benefit wholesalers the same way it does retailers? Absolutely! It’s surprisingly simple to do when using comment selling as your method of social commerce.

Woman sits on counch and scrolls through her Facebook newsfeed.

What Is Comment Selling?

Comment selling is a form of automated social commerce that allows your customers to shop by commenting “sold” on your Facebook posts or Facebook Live video. 

With only a few short keystrokes, customers can quickly cart items on their screens. On the backend, these comments trigger an automated comment reply or Messenger response that sends individuals to their cart for quick and simple checkout. 

Customers never have to leave their newsfeed to sift and sort through pages of an e-commerce website. On the other hand, wholesalers can benefit from the automated invoicing process to focus less on administrative work and more on fostering relationships and generating sales.

The benefits of comment selling don’t stop there. Take a look at these other advantages that social commerce has to offer wholesalers.


Open to New Markets

According to Statistica, increased exposure to new markets is the most commonly cited advantage of using social media for marketing purposes. 

Masses of people flock to Facebook to connect with friends and family, but many of these users are also B2C professionals.  

In fact, 90 million small businesses use Facebook. The decision-makers behind these accounts are spending hours on the platform daily while tending to their brand’s social accounts and online customer base. 

Bringing your business to where they spend a majority of their time opens frequent opportunities to meet and sell to new prospects with a high ROI.

Woman sells wholesale packs for her apparel business over a Facebook Live broadcast.

Engage Customers & Sell From Anywhere

In the wake of COVID-19, wholesale markets and tradeshows have come to a screeching halt. As a result, buyers are seeking ways to make their inventory purchases through digital means.

Though the transition to online sales has been a beneficial response to the changing times, it poses significant challenges for both buyers and vendors. 

Static websites can never deliver the interaction, personalization, and customer service that retailers expect from in-person transactions with wholesale vendors. Likewise, sterile sites hurt wholesalers’ ability to connect and persuade customers to do business in the first place.

Selling through Facebook provides wholesale businesses a much easier way to involve customers and their peers in a much more personalized, tight-knit online space. In particular, Facebook Live has been the most impactful way to deliver personalized experiences and customer service through social media.

Facebook Live's ability to support two-way, real-time conversations between vendors and customers mimics in-person interactions that you'd find at tradeshow booths. Not to mention, live video is a great way to showcase and demo products. Visuals and conversations concerning products or services help buyers make swift and informed purchasing decisions.

However, live video isn’t the only way to deliver impeccable shopping experiences away from markets. Other forms of shoppable content, such as static images and pre-recorded videos, are also great to market and sell to physically absent customers.

Comment sections and Messenger still allow for a two-way conversation where you or staff can interact and address inquiries.

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Build Trust & Deepen Relationships

Using social content to provide customer service and offer a frictionless checkout from the newsfeed are great ways to add value to your business. Social selling takes it one step further by captivating buyers’ attention while endearing them to your brand.

Selling through social media offers a glimpse into your business, your brand, and the people that work behind it. Shoppable content can do more than make sales. It can tell stories, drive conversations, and provide a community in your network of customers.

Congenial, relatable content brings personality and fosters trust. As they say, people do business with other people, and social commerce brings people front and center.

Even the other buyers humanize the shopping experience. The social proof that comment selling provides further reinforces the sincere level of trust others have in your company. As a bonus, it promotes added emotional buy-in from onlookers.

The Takeaway

Comment selling creates interactive virtual sales that result in increased revenue and tighter relationships between vendors and customers. The memorable shopping experience and frictionless checkout drive loyalty and offer a competitive advantage in an ever changing online marketplace. Now wholesalers can take advantage of this, too.

Discover how wholesalers use comment selling combined with Facebook groups to keep their deals exclusive to legitimate businesses.

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