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Why Boss Babes Are Loving Life After MLMs

Posted by Drew Melendy on Sep 17, 2018 6:00:00 PM
Drew Melendy

Many stay at home moms, aspiring solopreneurs, and those looking to make some supplemental income have set out with a dream to create their own businesses. Some have turned to multi-level marketing companies to help them achieve that dream only to find that they fall short of that dream in some pretty alarming ways.

Instead of depending on MLM's to reliably provide quality products and offer fair business practices, many of these dreamers are breaking free from these companies to stop being a glorified reseller and start being a full-on boss babe with their very own businesses! Here's why.

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They can be themselves 

Ex-network marketers have already created their brand and following under their MLM companies. Might as well own it! They no longer have to utter another company's name in the same breath that they mention their line of work. They now work to enhance what they already built under another company.

As a huge bonus, there's also total creative freedom when you are running your own show. Ex-network marketers now now get to choose everything from their logo to their website to their messages to reflect their brand's look and feel without anyone from corporate strong-arming them into their brand image. You represent you and no one else.

make your own rules

Their business, their rules

MLM companies tout the idea that you own your own business. However, truly independent businesses don't have to worry about following harsh, sometimes ambiguous guidelines. Without their rule, there are no rules to obey outside of the law. Business can be conducted on your terms without worry of being reprimanded, or worse, termination.

The power of choosing their policies and practices is liberating. Often consultants have expressed concerns with shady business practices associated with MLM's. It made them feel disrespected and degraded. Starting fresh with their shops meant that they could follow their moral code instead of being held hostage by deceptive and unfair practices the corporations got them tangled in.


They control all aspects of their inventory


When you join an MLM, you are at their mercy at every angle. The worst, though, is when you buy inventory only to realize that it's defective or low quality. MLM’s ultimate goal is to sell the most quantity. Because of this, quality can tend to become inconsequential. After all, they don't pay for the consequences. When customers are complaining, it's the consultants that are in the hot seat.

As a business owner, quality control is within your jurisdiction. You can provide choice selections of quality goods instead of dealing with angry masses complaining about how the seat of their pants ripped in public. (Yikes.) Imagine vetting your vendors to provide high caliber products that have real value to your customers. Customers would be pleased to know that your products actually last well past the first wash!

Quantity + Sizing

You also control the quantity of products and sizes you sell when you’re your own boss. You shouldn’t have to hope you get the right amount of what you need for your customers. Stop waiting for your parent company to give you a grab bag of items that leave you lacking for your customers’ needs. Buy and choose just how much or how little your business needs without the hassle.

Price Points

What's even better? You can set the prices! Shop owners understand the worth of their merchandise. They don't lean on someone else to tell them how much they should charge for it. When you own your inventory, you get to choose.


Furthermore, you get to choose what styles to carry. MLMs may have left direct sales consultants feeling powerless with stale designs that didn't sell in the past. Now they're carefully choosing styles to represent their boutiques. The freedom to choose variety also eliminates dreaded market saturation that you find with MLMs. If you hand select unique pieces from the thousands of wholesale vendors out there, not only will you stand out from the crowd, you won't even consider direct sellers as competition.

Group of people socializing with shopping bags

They can take social selling to the next level

Successful network marketers have mastered their craft when it comes to building a following. They recognize that people purchase through them because they're craving a shopping experience in which they have a relationship with their seller. If that weren't true, they would be shopping with any random consultant or shopping big box stores instead of you!

Ex-network marketers in the boutique business are making a killing because they're used to playing the role of fashion consultant and friend. They've built communities in which they listen and serve. How better to serve their clients than to cater to their needs after hearing to their pain points? When you realize you can't control quality, quantity, styles or prices to achieve satisfaction with your valued customer, it's time to consider other means of doing it. 

Woman counting money

They can make more & keep money they earn

Some have sought out new business ventures with full ownership because they didn't find the rewards of being a consultant were proportional to the work they put in. So many of these companies ask you to invest not only vast amounts of money but also a great deal of time to make it work.

Drop direct sales and cut out the middleman. There are no exorbitant costs with start-up kits. You can invest your money wisely by choosing precisely what you want to sell and buy them at wholesale prices instead of what they try to convince you is fair and low-cost stock.

Also, why pay them percentages and fees? MLM companies want to convince you that this is a low-risk job with little overhead. That's just not true. Success in network marketing takes a ton of hard work and much investment. Anyone who tells you otherwise has something to sell. Save your money for better things, like a business that you fully own.

Consider your long-term goals. Consultants can't continue to recruit forever. You also can't sell the same thing all other consultants are selling without an enormous struggle. Market saturation will take its toll. Overall, it's just not a sustainable business model.

Secure your financial future taking full ownership of what you do. Stop recruiting and focus entirely on selling. It's going to save your sanity, help your wallet, and salvage your relationships. Trust us. There's no shortage of complaints regarding MLM sales pitches among friends, family, and colleagues.

Learn How to Break Free From MLM and Break Ground on Your New Business

Smiling woman checking mobile phone while also using a laptop

They can keep up with technology trends to help reduce their workload

There's so much involved with running a business in the digital age. Businesses need websites, a social media presence, an easy way to quickly invoice and accept payments. On top of that, they are expected to manage customer information as well as all their inventory. It's a serious undertaking. Technology can help significantly reduce the workload, but some parent companies are uninterested in providing up-to-date technology to achieve that. In some cases, it is forbidden.

As a seller, you should adapt to new technology that will allow your customers' shopping experience to be more enjoyable. Most of your customers are online, but they can't find you when you're not allowed to use social media or to build websites under to bolster sales. Prohibiting these means can seriously stunt a network marketer's growth.

Companies that have allowed the use of Facebook Groups and the like have seen some pretty good success. However, they tend to cap off at a certain level of business. When your groups grow big numbers, how will you manage it? How will you handle the inventory without under or overselling? It's just not scalable unless you have the technology to help you shoulder that growth.

Independent store owners have the freedom to choose whatever technology they need to help with the heavy lifting of running their business. Having a good system in place gives them more time and freedom to focus on other aspects of their lives or business. Without one, it's a crippling endeavor.

Neon sign that says "This is the sign you've been looking for"

The Takeaway

All that glitters is not gold. If your values no longer align with your multi-level marketing company, if you feel cheated by them, if you want to serve your community and provide them with excellence, if you feel helpless in a business you have no control over, it might be time to take the leap.

Liberate yourself from MLMs. 
You put in your money, time, and relationships on the line to represent them. Now it's time to promote you and your business on your terms.

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