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Why Top Brands Are Using Facebook Live

Posted by Drew Melendy on Jul 11, 2018 1:42:21 PM
Drew Melendy

While some might believe that technology has been a hindrance to human connection, others have used it to connect to their audiences in new and unique ways. Since the integration of live video streaming technology into Facebook, businesses have quickly learned how effective Facebook Live is in connecting with their audience and increasing their sales.

Livestream is clearly becoming an invaluable tool for businesses to connect with their audiences. Judging from the resulting popularity, we think we’ve got a pretty good idea why. 

Woman relaxing on bed while watching a Facebook Live broadcast

It’s seriously entertaining

A Facebook Live broadcast presents itself in a totally different way than a pre-recorded video. Anything can happen on a live broadcast. This looming suspense adds a “can’t miss” appeal. 

Not long ago, much the country watched hours of live video of people standing around a hole in the ground because they believed they were going to pull out a rescued puppy at any minute. This is a very good example of live video appeal. They never knew what would happen next and stuck around because they didn't want to miss that pivotal moment.

The atmosphere of spontaneity also presents an opportunity for conversations or interactions that otherwise might not have happened if the topic wasn’t presented in real time. Interactions could spark new ideas for your business or inspire a good joke that makes your entire audience belly laugh. There's no end to the possibilities here.

 Two women shaking hands

It strengthens trust and demonstrates brand identity

Instead of being another faceless digital storefront, you’ll be able to provide your audience a unique and intimate view of your business with a human touch. Selling on Facebook live gives an idea of how your company operates behind the scenes instead of behind a digital shopping cart. This kind of transparency opens up conversations with individual customers about your products, about your quality of service, about what your brand stands for. 

Your live video isn’t going to be perfect like a scripted video. It’s much more casual, and it’s definitely more personal. You’ll be able to show off your brand’s personality. You’re not only letting your customers into your world, you’re allowing them to be a part of it. Here you can hold completely raw and unfiltered, no holds barred conversations around products, company culture, and life!

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Women sharing their mobile device screens

It encourages engagement

People watch live video 3 times longer than videos that are not live and live videos generate 6 times more interactions than other videos. That’s because live video is so effective in encouraging engagement. Your audience wants to be a part of the broadcast. Real time comments and reactions allow for this. If you’re having a live sale, customers can give their opinions about items and ask questions about products. Being able to get an immediate response scratches that itch for immediate gratification.

People also love to share. When’s the last time you shared a funny or informative video with your friend? If your audience finds your live video content entertaining they’re going to share it, causing others to flock to your page and even possibly convert into a follower or customer. Can’t beat that!

The Takeaway

Facebook Live has proven itself to be an effective way of displaying brand identity, adding a human connection, and entertaining and engaging your audience. And it’s not hard to do! So what are you waiting for? Get the camera rolling, get your audience excited, and watch as your engagement skyrockets! Happy filming!

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