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How CommentSold Works for Shoppers on Facebook & Instagram

Posted by Drew Melendy on Aug 31, 2018 3:27:01 PM
Drew Melendy

So, you’ve heard all how CommentSold makes selling through Facebook and Instagram a snap. But you’re probably wondering how CommentSold works to provide your customers with an enjoyable and frictionless shopping experience within both of these platforms.

Not to fear! We’ll lay out every step that your customers will take through the purchase journey so you can see just how simple it is for them to place an order on your Facebook page, Facebook groups, and Instagram account.

Let’s play the shopper role to see what shopping through the CommentSold system looks like from the customer perspective.

How to Shop Using CommentSold

Picture this- You’re taking a look through the newsfeed, and suddenly you stop mid-scroll because your favorite brand just made a post with an item you just have to have. 

What now? Do you have to click ditch Facebook or Instagram to jump through their website pages and menus to find it?

If the seller is using CommentSold, you don’t! You can instantly cart this item, receive an automatic invoice, and make a secure payment without leaving the platform! Here's how.

Step 1 - Follow Instructions to Comment Correctly

It's not difficult to spot a shoppable post that uses CommentSold's technology. Each one includes clear instructions on how to comment to purchase.

Take a look at this static image post. It’s obvious what we have to do to purchase this time. To order, we need to comment "sold", our size, and the color we want.

A static image post linked with CommentSold instructs shoppers to comment to buy a trendy t-shirt in different sizes and colors.

Instructions for a Facebook Live sale is communicated in a slightly different way since they must be shown in real-time as each item is presented. That's where the CommentSold Overlay comes in.

The CommentSold Overlay displays purchasing instructions at the top of the live video. No matter when the shopper tunes in, it’s immediately obvious which product is currently being sold and how they must comment to purchase it. 

The CommentSold Overlay instructs shoppers to type "sold 101", their size, and preferred color to purchase the shirt on a Facebook Live broadcast.

They can see the current product name, the product image, its price, and available sizes and colors. It will also strike out sold-out items in real-time to give shoppers a sense of urgency, and help them make informed buying decisions.

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Step 2 - Receive an Automatic Reply

After a shopper comments, the system will instantly respond to them with an automatic reply. These replies can guide new shoppers to registration, confirm items carted, and let them know if they've commented incorrectly. They can get these messages in a few ways:

1. Comment reply
2. Facebook Messenger
3. Email

A CommentSold auto reply urges a shopper to pay their order through Facebook Messenger.

If the shopper has commented as instructed, the auto-reply will let them know that they’ve successfully carted the item and provide a link where they can securely check out.

Note: If the shopper comments on an Instagram post, the auto-reply will default to comment replies. If they comment successfully, it will ask the shopper to complete their purchase by clicking the link in the seller’s Instagram bio.

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Step 3 - Pay for Your Order

A CommentSold account page shows a shopper their order summary after ordering three tshirts through a Facebook Live sale.After clicking the link, the shopper is sent to their account page. Here, they can view their cart, choose a delivery method, pick a payment option, and finalize their order.

Want to see what this looks like? Check out this video that explains how to shop using CommentSold!


Other Considerations for Comment Shopping

Customer Registration
Registration is required for completing an order through CommentSold. We recommend training shoppers and providing them resources for first-time use.

However, if a new shopper discovers your shoppable post on a whim, the auto-replies will guide them to registration after they comment "Sold".

Capitalization & Spelling
Capitalization does not matter, but shoppers must always spell as instructed. If they comment incorrectly, they'll receive an auto-reply to let them know that the system cannot determine their comment, and encourage them to try again.

Cart Expirations
Cart expirations are a set timeframe shoppers have to check out before the items in their cart get dumped. Shoppers receive reminders to checkout within the time frame via auto-replies, and cart expirations are visible in their carts as countdown timers. 

Sold Out Items & Waitlists
Shoppers can claim the item even if it is sold out! Commenting “sold” on an item that isn’t in stock will put them on the waitlist.

The waitlist is a queue of people who wait on the availability of the item. When available, it’s carted, and the shopper is notified.

Waitlist Authorization
Waitlist authorization is a shop setting set by the seller. When enabled, shoppers can pre-authorize their card to auto-pay for each waitlisted item as they become available. Waitlist authorization will bump shoppers to the front of the waitlist queue so that they have a much higher opportunity to snag them.

Comment Charge
If the seller has Comment Charge available, shoppers can pre-authorize their credit cards to auto-charge when they comment "Sold". Much like one-click checkout, this keeps them from missing out on items that sell out fast.

First Paid, First Served
First Paid, First Served is a shop setting that determines how a shop pulls inventory. When it's enabled, stock is not held for a shopper once it's carted. Instead, the first person to pay is the first person to get the item.

Preparing for Success with CommentSold

Many shoppers will instantly pick up on how to use the system. If one person understands how to use it, others will typically follow their lead. However, we always recommend that retailers train their customers to use the system before fully implementing it.

Some customers may need some help getting accustomed to this new way of shopping. Training them will help ease them into using the system. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to inform all of your customers about all of its benefits. (For example, the loyalty and referral programs, if your shop has them enabled.)

Start off on the right foot and download CommentSold's Ultimate Guide to Introducing Comment Shopping to Your Community. You'll find best practices, strategies, and tips to get customers excited and onboarded with this new way of shopping. Good luck, and happy selling, everyone!

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