Why It Pays To Invest In Automated Invoicing Software

Posted by Drew Estelle on Jul 23, 2018 8:00:00 PM
Drew Estelle

So you're taking advantage of the explosive popularity of Comment Sold Comment Selling, but you're having trouble keeping up with invoicing your customers. 

So how do you handle this? You have two choices- automate or grind. There are so many reasons to choose automated invoicing for your Comment Selling operations. It is absolutely worth skipping the grind for your sanity, your wallet, and for your customers. Here’s why.

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It will save you countless hours and dollars

Time is money. When you’re putting all your time into administrative tasks, such as invoicing, you are losing precious time in other areas of your business. This is the #1 complaint that is heard from online shop owners everywhere. Manual invoicing is a momentous undertaking. If you are not prepared for it, you can grossly underestimate how much time you have for other equally important tasks.

In addition, it can free up the hands of employees or lessen the need for new ones. You can delegate more important tasks to your dedicated team, or eliminate the need for an invoicing specific role.


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It makes checkout easier for you AND your customers

Using an auto-invoicing system means that your invoices will be automatically generated for both you and your customers’ records. No muss, no fuss. Once received, your customer can begin the check out process right away. This helps speed up their purchasing process, creating a better shopping experience and gets you paid faster. That’s a win-win!

Here are 6 pressing reasons you should stop manually invoicing immediately.

It can eliminate human error

Data entry can be a tricky thing, especially if you’re one to stay up late in an attempt to quickly fulfill orders the night after a sale. Human error can lead to costly inaccuracies and disgruntled customers. Don’t risk tarnishing your brand image or accidentally put yourself in a precarious financial position with manual invoicing. There’s no risk when you have an invoicing system to organize and calculate quickly and accurately on your behalf.

Work Smart Not Hard: How Business Owners Use Tech to Save Time

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Invest in invoicing softwares that can multitask

Some software can go even further by having built in inventory management. No more “stare and compare” to match up inventory quantities to subtract paid entries. Using software that records real time data will help you track just how much you have left to sell or how much you can expect to make during a sale.

Cart expirations may also be included and are also a huge plus because they lead to faster check out and increased margins. Items linger less in carts when there is the threat of them expiring. Cart expiration keeps your your item out of limbo and puts them into the hands of someone on willing to pay for them when waitlists are in use.

The Takeaway

With the invention of auto-invoicing, manual invoice processing is proving itself to be outdated and unnecessary. Choosing an automated invoice software can be one of the most important decisions a business can make. It ultimately helps reduce cost, eliminates time consuming tasks, streamlines workflow, and provides a professional touch all while enhancing your customer’s shopping experience. An investment in automated invoicing software is an investment in your business.

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